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 Once around the two streets of my little estate is almost exactly half a mile. The last time I did physio, at the pain management class in 2014, my physio was insistent I get out and walk a little each day, so I started doing that circuit of the estate, which takes me about 15 minutes. But I fell out of the habit last year, when the infected toe meant I was bleeding every time I walked more than a few yards. I've been meaning to start again, and had a few false starts, but now the weather's warmed up I've managed it every day for a week, which is a good sign.

The route's sort of an inverted question mark, marginally downhill as you head away from the house, uphill as you head back, and all on footpaths. I've been doing it around 2-3pm and there tend not to be too many people about - usually mostly dog-walkers, who've been fairly good about keeping dogs to heel - I got nervous about the rottweiler that was headed towards me yesterday, but his owner reeled him in before he got to me. Car owners parking on the pavement are more of an issue.

My performance has been mixed. Real problems with foot drop making my toe drag the first couple of times, but that hasn't been an issue since. Which is surprising, I remembered it as being more of an issue. Hips, however, have been making themselves known, and they have a nasty habit of kicking in right at the furthest point from the house, when I can't cut the route short. But that's uncomfortable rather than a killer.

Now the trick will be to see if I can keep it up when the weather isn't quite as warm as it's been.



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Got myself upstairs by 2AM, which is better. Though on reflection it probably wasn't a good idea to go and check if the job I'd left running on the computer had finished, and then let myself be lured into fixing the issues that had thrown up. So in bed by 4AM-ish, read the first four chapters of Sophia MacDougall's 'Mars Evacuees' and probably asleep 5AM-ish. Slept through until 2:30PM, which clearly my body needed, but which probably isn't going to make getting to sleep any easier tonight.

Not having much time before dark, I go myself organised for the daily waddle much more quickly than yesterday, though it ended up being the same 3:30-4PMish given the late start. Quite a pleasant day really, though given the chilliness yesterday I made the sensible call to wear jeans rather than joggers. I think I'm back into the normal swing of things of doing this daily, though there's still a deterioration in my walking in the second 400m - that's been fairly consistent even when I was doing this daily during the summer so probably isn't going to go away.

Now to see if I can bribe myself into doing the daily exercises, which given a couple of them involve supporting myself with my arms, could be interesting for my shoulders (yes, I'm doing that when I use my crutches, but they seem to be happy enough with a straight up and down vertical load, it's any other position they're objecting too).

And then later we start on the whole getting to sleep thing all over again. Oh, joy!
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Two days running, for first time in a couple of months. This is progress, though I still need to restart daily exercises, and sort out my sleeping. After failing at sleeping at the appropriate time (or at all) last night I decided about 8AM I would try and stay awake through until this evening, at which point, having been awake 36 hours, I would hopefully fall asleep at the right time.

And promptly fell asleep until midday. Buggrit! 

No, body, 4 hours isn't enough....
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Lovely day today, and I was awake enough early enough (i.e. before dusk, my sleeping is a mess right now), that I could get out and do my daily waddle - about 1/2 mile/800 metres - for the first time in ages. Lump in the throat moment on getting home and thinking back when I realised that the last time I'd done it properly was the day before my Dad had his stroke, when we did it together and had a really nice conversation along the way.

I need to re-establish the pattern, and the daily exercises that are supposed to go with it, but winter is a-cooming-in and that isn't going to help. I may have to resort to bribery and corruption to lure myself into a life of healthy exercise....

Also managed to catch up with my neighbour for the first time in ages, who was clearing out the guttering - mine as well as his, good neighbours are a godsend! (Also a reminder to sleep with the curtains shut!)  He'd figured our something was up when I made an unscheduled trip north, and the fact he knew it was unscheduled says how predictable my life is! Feeling guilty now that the conversation was all about me and my family - he knows my dad from their visits down here, and I completely forgot to ask him about the holiday of a lifetime he and his daughter had been on way back at the end of August.


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