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Successfully fitted the J3 to my chair.

This wasn't in fact difficult:

Unvelcro existing sling back - this was actually one of the least easy bits as I wasn't entirely sure where and how it connected under the seat, in the end it unvelcroed itself and fell off in my hand.

Unvelcro tension straps.

Unfasten extension tubes and push handles - I didn't actually realise the chair had extension tubes on the back uprights until I got the tension straps off. In retrospect the top of the tube being a different colour to the bottom was a bit of a clue.

Install clamps for J3.

Drop J3 in place.

After taking it up and down the street I decided I wanted it a bit higher, so reinstalled the extension tubes and push handles and clamped it onto those instead.

An unexpected bonus is the back will still fold without needing me to disconnect the J3 (which only takes a couple of seconds anyway), and in fact the J3 makes it easier to see if it has unlatched properly.

Looking at it now, it's giving me an additional two or three inches of support up my spine I didn't previously have, plus a noticeable amount of lateral support that I didn't have at all. I may possibly want to shift it back, or angle it back slightly, but those are slightly more involved, so I'll give it a day or two before I try that.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 11:11 am
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Jay J3 wheelchair seat back (mid-thoracic, mid-contour), with the mounting hardware, for £51 off eBay (that's including £10 P&P). Normal retail price £506. I saw it at £29 with 3 days to go and thought 'that price has got to go up', but it never climbed higher than £34, so I sniped it with 20s to go with a bid for up to £55*, and a last second counter-bid only pushed my bid up to £41. Utter bargain.

* I'd have gone higher, even waist-height J3s normally go for about £150 on eBay. but the pics weren't clear on the state of the upholstery, and the description only gave width, not precise model. Parcelforce just delivered it and the upholstery is about as I expected, used and a bit fuzzy in places, but should perk up with a turn through the wash - I just downloaded the owner's manual to check settings.

If I was buying new, I'd probably go shoulder-height and deep-contour (a snip at £572), the same setup I tried on [personal profile] kaberett 's chair. But for now, this is an incredible bargain.



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