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So the situation with my dad remains complex, though not quite as bad as it might have been.

We had two things happen just before Christmas, the first being that dad started having minor seizures, particularly when he's asleep - and we're talking one every couple of minutes while they're happening, for fairly extended periods, so they are going to have some sort of knock on effect, even if they are relatively minor. Some of the staff tried to dismiss them as just twitches, but we got the doctors to agree with us, so they are being treated, but we're still in the find the right medication process. (And my sister and I are convinced he had a couple of clear absences while we were with him and he was awake on Saturday, though of course there wasn't a nurse there to witness them).

The second thing is that the care home that had agreed to take him backed out on Christmas Eve, saying that they didn't think they could provide the level of care he needs. This would have been disastrous (and distressing), but for the fact the seizures mean he isn't ready to be discharged - and in fact we've been told to hold off on trying to find a home until things settle and we have a better idea what kind of nursing he'll need. That didn't stop one or two of the nursing staff trying to argue today that they should hold a discharge meeting this Friday, which needed my sister to put her foot down, pointing out that the normal procedure is for someone to be discharged 5 days after the discharge meeting, and we have no idea if he will be medically stable by then. She won the argument, and it looks like they'll be hanging on to him for several more weeks until they figure out what's happening and get it settled.

Which is good, but does mean we're back in limbo and he likely isn't going to be settled into a care home while I'm up here.


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