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My FB memories threw up a reminder about Peter Stults's What If: Movies ReImagined for Another Time and Place , and it turns out he's now up to volume 8 in his series of movie posters reimagined with new casts and the stying of the times, with the aforesaid Buster Keaton as the first one up. Other highlights: 'Eraserhead, a film by Charles Chaplin'; A Clockwork Orange starring the Beatles, Kill Bill starring the Spice Girls, the Aliens series as blaxploitation flics starring Pam Grier, Audrey Hepburn in Black Swan; James Dean and Janet Leigh in True Romance and so on. He even created an all-new Connery Bond for an episode of 'Timeless'. Definitely worth a look, though you may have to be an early film buff like [personal profile] sovay to pick up all the nuances.

I've linked direct to volume 8 as that has links to all of the other volumes.

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