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Had the classic huffy "I was only trying to help!" in town earlier.

The entrance to the George Vaults has the door a step up, with another step inside, so the only way to do it is to get out of the chair, push the door open, cant the chair back and bump it up a step at a time, which I'm quite capable of doing.

First off someone sitting outside smoking offered to help, which set up the rest of it as fending her off (holding the door open from outside makes the doorway too narrow) made me forget to fold up the anti-tips and blocked me from my normal angle. Which led to the chair jamming half way in as I couldn't cant it far enough back and I'd hit the door frame.

As I'm figuring out what's gone wrong two people from inside decide to intervene. The woman pulled the door out of the way, which actually was helpful, the guy decides he needs to be manly and pick the chair up by the footplate. Which would, of course, have thrown the weight of the chair onto me and my dodgy shoulders, rather than leaving the weight on the step. So I said "Don't!" and started to explain why he shouldn't do it that way. (Amongst other issues it'll often leave you holding a footplate and not a lot more.) Which provoked the huffy "I was only trying to help!" Clearly more interested in being seen to help than actually helping!

And of course when I went to leave, which is easier than coming in, someone came rushing to hold the door (and get in the way).

"My boy's like you," he says. I wonder if he rolls his eyes as much as I did.

On the brighter side I was serenaded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as I wheeled back to the car as they did their soundcheck for the Castle Garden concert this evening - Scherezade, I think.

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In Rochester for lunch with friends and the disabled car park was open - even though it was due to be shut because the Christmas Market was on in the Castle. The carpark isn't in the Castle, it's on the road to the Castle, yet Medway council shut it every time there's an event, no matter that removes half the disabled parking in town. It's bad enough when they use it for their on-site office - there's a non-disabled carpark immediately opposite they could use, but this time they aren't  even doing that. But today the fence they'd used to block it off was pushed to the side and at least one car was parked (not to mention I could use it to get to where I was parked).

Don't know if it was down to me whinging on twitter about it a fortnight ago, and a few local wheelies joining in, but I like to think it was.
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This afternoon in Rochester, there was a queue for the ATM stretching right across the pavement, with a gap just about big enough for the chair between the guy at the machine and the guy next in line (with earphones in).

'Excuse me!'

No reaction.

'Excuse me!!'

No reaction.

Bugger this, I go for the gap.

I'm genuinely not sure whether I mis-judged it or he moved his foot, but there was a decided crunching feeling.

I cast "I did say excuse me, twice!!" over my shoulder as I rolled  away, but it's not really possible to look behind you and push at the same time, so I can't say what the reaction looked like, but there was definitely some muttering going on that probably wasn't pro-wheelchair user - tough!


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