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I bought it at Asda, and stuck it between a couple of pizzas to keep it from getting bent on the way home. And you can guess the rest....

It seems to have survived the experience.

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AKA Life with Dyspraxia.

Stumbling half awake across the living room and kick over a glass left from last night (it was at least on a tray, though if I'd been too lazy to put it on the tray it would likely have been somewhere I wouldn't kick it over - no deed of voluntary housework goes unpunished).

Glass lands roughly where my foot was meant to be coming down, I'm left standing on one leg, the dodgier, wobblier left one, with my foot dangling in mid air while trying to work out where the hell do I put my foot that isn't 1) on top of the glass (pint pot, not likely to end well) or 2) the tray (also not likely to end well).

In trying not to lose my balance, I end up throwing myself headlong across the arm of the sofa and onto the floor beyond, fortunately avoiding the wall beyond that (which I'm still not sure how I achieved, it took a 45 degree change of direction in mid-air).

I escaped with a sore knee, but let's hope that's not an indication of how the rest of the day is going to go.
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... seeing the laptop cable has hooked the handle of the huge mug of coffee and is about to topple it over, but not in time to do anything about it.

Then fetching a towel to mop up the spill and knocking the mug over again,


And damn, now my neck and shoulder hurt from scrubbing at the carpet :(
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My rum-and-coke sodden laptop, after spending the last few days in the kitchen in a plastic bag with a load of rice, successfully rebooted this morning!

I'm not sure the delete key is working at all, but it was already iffy pre-soaking, and as the plan was to retire it imminently anyway even before the soaking it's not too serious a problem if it stays that way (there's always highlight and overtype to get around it).

I'm currently making sure I have up-to-date back-ups of all my files in case the resurrection is only temporary, next in line will be a back-up of my mail archives, and then I really should think about logging on and picking up my email for the first time since, umm, before Christmas.

This is doubly good as my shoulders and neck, aggravated by last Friday's hospital appointment aren't at all happy about the amount of time I'm using the desktop, whereas I can use the laptop while lying down on the couch, which is a position they're much happier with.
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More specifically my flailing arm struck the side of my pint glass of rum and coke last night, upending it into the laptop.

Obviously I grabbed the laptop and immediately inverted it to drain, but not in time to stop in announcing a hardware failure.

On the positive side it's eight years old and I was supposed to be going out and looking for a new one this week anyway.

On the negative side there's some un-backed up stuff on there, mostly game-related stuff I did over Christmas, I can live without it if need be and I can probably recreate it, though it'll be time consuming.

I'm going to leave it to dry out for a couple of days and then see if it'll boot, if it doesn't I can still pull the hard-drive and see if that works, but really I'd have been much happier if the rum and coke had ended up in me, not the laptop!


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