Apr. 4th, 2017 10:29 pm
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I haven't been directly active on Livejournal for a good while (I abandoned LJ for blogger/blogspot several years before starting my DW account), but as of a while ago it is set up to echo my posts here. Given the new LJ ToS, I've finally gotten around to importing my old, pre-DW, LJ postings. That seems to be in progress right now. I haven't decided yet whether I'll delete the LJ account, or stop the cross-posting, but I don't anticipate logging onto LJ directly in future. Not that I did that much, seeing as pretty much everyone I follow is on DW now.


Oct. 24th, 2014 02:41 pm
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Related to the stroke stuff (see other post), while I've been up at my folks I've been in the weird position of spending most of my time in my parents' house on my own, with stressful family stuff going on elsewhere. The net's my escape when I'm stressed, and as my parents don't have an internet feed I've generally been dependent on my 3G Kindle when I'm up there to allow me to get onto Twitter and Facebook.

But I arrived up there this time the day that the POODLE exploit was announced, and when I tried to use the Kindle to log onto both Twitter and FB the next morning it told me it couldn't set up a secure connection to their login pages (I'm guessing at POODLE being the cause, but the timing and symptoms are too coincidental) and that's remained the case.

But for some reason Dreamwidth, even though it was the medium through which I found out about POODLE when I read the announcement it had implemented the requisite fix, was still accessible, and I was so glad that I still had that element of community to participate in.

So glad I signed up here!


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