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I slept through election night (well, actually I played Crusader Kings 2 until God Awful O'Clock, at which point exhaustion overcame stress) and only just woke up. Having nerved myself to look at the election results, my reaction was pretty much along John McEnroe "Jesus Christ! You Cannot Be Serious! You Can Not Be Serious!!!" lines

Now I can understand the desperation to stay in power on May's part, but the DUP? Seriously?

To give non-UK readers some context: the DUP are anti-gay-rights, anti-abortion, anti-Catholic, the closest thing the UK has to US hardline, religious Republicans (and remember, the UK as a whole is well to the left of the US, so really, really out there). They attack Corbyn for links with the IRA, but were themselves linked to the worst of the Protestant Paramilitaries. And now they're in power, and can threaten to take their ball home any time Theresa May does something they don't like. 

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